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This week to continue my series #MumsWhoWorkIt I have interviewed Louisa from Born 2 Birth. Louisa teaches hypnobirthing in Ealing.  She is a busy Mum of two and has managed to run her business alongside her day job. Louisa has a passion for helping women to have the best birth they can and it is a pleasure to welcome her on to the blog.

What was your inspiration for Born 2 Birth?

I stumbled across hypnobirthing when I was pregnant with my daughter in 2014. I had no idea what I’d signed myself and my husband up to, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. After learning how to trust my body, and armed with the tools I needed to remain calm and confident during my labour, I went on to have a positive birth which quite honestly changed my life.

People often struggle to understand how you can say that you enjoyed childbirth and I found myself constantly talking about hypnobirthing to anyone who would listen. About halfway through my second pregnancy I just woke up one morning and realised that I wanted to support more women to have positive birth experiences so trained to become an instructor. My son’s birth was so amazing, it blew me away and I knew then that I had to really go for it.

Louisa from Born 2 Birth

Describe a typical day for you?

With two young kids and a 9-5 job, most days involve juggling the logistics of working family life. My evening’s are either spent teaching or getting to grips with social media while half watching something mindless on the TV. At the weekends we try to spend time with friends and family and do our best to keep the kids entertained. (Wear them out in the hope of a lie in!)

What do you think has been the biggest challenge for you starting your own business?

Time. There is never enough time to complete the to do list and sometimes that can be frustrating. I have lots of ideas I want to pursue but after a day at the office, once the kids are in bed, even sending a simple email can seem like a massive task. I try to remind myself that any progress is good and it’s ok to take small steps forward.

How do you think Motherhood has changed you? 

Ok so if we take the obvious city breaks, regular nights out and lazy Sunday’s reading the papers out of the equation, I’d have to say sleep. I now have the ability to fall asleep almost on demand, in seconds. Not only that, I can wake up at the slightest possible sound, go and investigate and instantly fall back asleep again. My children are getting to the age now where I’m not up and down all night but I’m hoping that this is a skill I can maintain as it is really quite useful!

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given about Motherhood that you would like to share?

Try and maintain some perspective. I remember when my daughter was first born I literally spent hours overthinking everything. Long sleeve vest or short sleeve vest? Wake up to feed or leave to sleep? Transfer into the cot or leave in the pram? You’d have thought they were life or death decisions when in reality, it was simply the difference between an extra few inches of skin being covered! The key is to do what makes your life easier.

Where are your favourite places to go with or without kids in Ealing/West London?

With the kids, it would have to be some of Ealing’s parks and green spaces. We’re fans of Northala fields because the playground is awesome and also the Gruffalo Trail at Horsenden Hill is a family favourite. We’re also members at Hanwell Zoo and love going to see the Flamingo’s and getting lost in the maze.

If I get a night off without the kids you’ll find me eating sushi around Ealing Common. We’re spoilt for choice with all the restaurants in Ealing but the authentic Japanese one’s there are my favourite.

What are your handbag essential?

 Baby wipes, kids snacks, more kids snacks and a reusable bag in case I buy anything.

How do you see your business developing over the next couple of years?

My main focus up to now has been to teach the Wise Hippo Birthing Programme, a full antenatal course looking at all aspects of pregnancy and birth. My mission is to support as many mums and dads to be as possible and I also have courses tailored for mums preparing for a C-section, or an induction or for babies who are breech. I want to promote these sessions more so people realise that hypnobirthing isn’t just about having a natural water birth, it’s about preparing for a positive experience, no matter what path your birth takes.

On a professional level, I plan to train in birth trauma coaching so that I can also support parents who have been negatively impacted by childbirth and help them to overcome their fears and anxieties. 

What advice would you give to other Mums who are considering setting up their own business?

Try not to put too much pressure on yourself and accept that everything takes four times as long when you literally have one child hanging off your leg and the other saying the word ‘mummy’ on average 20 times per minute!

What is the one thing you wish you had already known when setting up your business?

So far it’s been a steep learning curve and when there is only you, you have to become an expert in everything which takes time. Aside from the boring stuff like accounting (which is not my forte!) My biggest challenge is trying to get people to understand that hypnobirthing isn’t for hippies, it’s simply about taking the time understand how your mind and body works so that you can prepare for your babies birth  in a calm and positive way.

Tell us more information about your courses?

Using hypnobirthing techniques you will learn how to let go of any birth-related fears you may have and become experts in deep relaxation, allowing you to remain calm, relaxed and in control. You will gain the confidence you need to make fully informed decisions throughout your pregnancy and birth, ensuring that you will always look back on your birth as a positive experience.

And let’s not forget your birthing partner who plays a vital role in any positive birth. They will learn everything they need to know to effectively support the mum to be throughout her labour, from setting up the perfect environment to soothing massage techniques.

The practical side of the course results in you developing a comprehensive birth plan, personal to you, to ensure everyone on your birthing team is on the same page and knows exactly how you picture your perfect birth.

It’s important to realise that the perfect birth does not have to be a 100% natural experience, it just has to be the right birth for you on the day. It’s ok to opt for the drugs if that’s what you decide is best for you, although feedback indicates that women who have completed the course are less likely to need pain relief during labour. Achieving the perfect birth simply means looking back on your experience in a positive way, no matter what path your birthing takes.

The Wise Hippo Birthing programme is 10 hours in total, usually split into 4 x 2.5-hour sessions.

You can attend the course at any point in your pregnancy, however, most people wait until after their 20-week scan. Don’t panic if you think you’ve left it too late, I know mum’s who have attended the course at 38 weeks and still gone on to have a calm and relaxed birth.

Small group sessions (maximum of six couples) enable you to learn alongside other local prospective parents which will give you a ready-made support network during the remainder of pregnancy and once your baby arrives.

Courses generally run on a Monday evening from 7pm in a venue in Ealing.

Group courses cost £325 per couple which includes a workbook for you to keep, access to all the Wise Hippo birthing MP3’s and ongoing support from myself should you need it in the run-up to your birth.

A 25% non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking with the balance due a week before the course commences.

For those that prefer, I also offer daytime, private courses in the comfort of your own home and will cover the wider West London Area. If you are located outside of London why not consider a private online course via Skype?

Where can potential customers find Born 2 Birth and what courses are you offering?

My website Born 2 Birth has full details of all the courses I teach and you can also contact me on Facebook and Instagram @born2birth where I frequently post stuff that I think pregnant women will find useful and informative.

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I think this is what the Mums and Dads of Ealing have been waiting for! “Yes”, I hear you all say, a Coffee Shop that is totally child friendly, where your kids can play and you can enjoy a decent coffee, plus something tasty to eat. Kids By Patri opened this weekend at 52 Northfields Avenue, Ealing. I dropped in this morning to check it out and speak to the owners to find out what their inspiration for the business was?

Punnet and Preeti are already the proud owners of two restaurant you might have seen Patri Artisan Street Food and drinks on Northfields Ave (You can read my review HERE) and their other restaurant of the same name in Hammersmith, West London.

Kids by Patri, Northfields Avenue, Ealing

I think you will agree that we have all experienced that uneasy feeling when you go into a coffee shop with your buggy and you are not made to feel welcome. Firstly, there is no where park your buggy and perhaps you are even told to leave it outside (who wants to do that!). Secondly, for what ever reason you toddler is screaming the place down and you are getting sideward glances from other customers that you are interrupting their bit of me time and morning flat white!

Ealing parents fear no more, Kids By Patri is here and it is a place where it doesn’t matter if you two year old throws a massive melt down! You will be surrounded by like minded Mums and Dads. There are mats to put your child down on to play, toys and the area even has a gate so your little one can’t get under the feet of someone with a hot coffee. There is plenty of room for your buggy, so you don’t need to worry about that.

I had a catch up with Preeti one of the owners, to find out a bit more about why they decided to open this new part of their business.

Preeti, what made you choose this location?

We already have our Indian street food restaurant nearby and know the local area well. We had been using this unit for storage for my lightening and jewellery business. So it was the perfect location in the heart of Northfields, where we know there is a wonderful community of young families.

How easy was it to convert the space into a Coffee Shop?

We needed to change the layout slightly, so the back of the shop has now become the children’s play area. We used our expertise from already opening two restaurants for the design and lighting. We decided to open quite quickly, we didn’t feel that we wanted to wait until everything was perfect (as that takes time). The shop is still a work in progress.

What do you hope your new business will be know for?

Somewhere parents can come and enjoy good quality artisan coffee. Pick up something tasty to eat and relax in the knowledge that their child can play in a designated area.

What’s coming in the future?

For the Summer we are looking bring in an ice cream counter and a menu of hot foods, this will be a slightly different offering from our main Patri restaurants.

We hope to make Kids By Patri a place for the local community too. We are looking into the potential of having some children’s entertainment and workshops too, so watch this space!


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I’ve always had a love of reading ever since I was a young child and I still have my nose in a book a lot of the time now too. I’m always keen to encourage my Daughter Amelia to love books too. This Easter I have teamed up with Waterstones, at Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre to give you a run down on my top five books to get the kids reading this Easter. To hopefully spend less time on electronic devices! Plus, I have a competition over on my Instagram for you to enter. You could win a £10 Waterstones voucher, plus four top kids titles get you going, the prize is worth £38! Head over to my Instagram now to enter!

My First recommendation has been a firm favourite with my Daughter and the stories always keep her coming back for more. Aimed at children of the between the ages of 4-6 years old. There are a variety of Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam Stories. This one is entitled The Cat Burglar, by Tracey Corderoy and Steven Lenton.

“Shifty McGifty and Slippery Sam have swapped a life of crime for baking cakes in their cafe. But now there’s a new robber in town – the infamous Kitty-le-Claw! When there’s a midnight robbery at the bank, can the two baker dogs save the day?”

My next suggestion is The winner of Watermans Children’s Book Prize 2019. The Boy at the Back of the Class, by Onjali Q. Rauf. I would say it is suitable for children aged 7 years and up. It might be a book that you could also read to your children, but it could be suitable for them to read to themselves depending on their reading ability.

“A story of friendship, hope and the importance of kindness, The Boy at the Back of the Class is a story full of heart and humour, told from a unique perspective. Featuring illustrations from Pippa Curnick, this is an exceptional book by an emerging voice in children’s writing.”

You can’t go wrong with Charlie Changes Into a Chicken, by Sam Copeland.

“Charlie McGuffin tries to be an optimist, but in reality he’s a bit of a worrier.

Some of the things Charlie is worried about:

  • His brother (who is in hospital)
  • Their very panicked parents
  • Unwanted attention from the school bully
  • The fact that he’s started turning into animals!

Even though every kid wants a superhero power, Charlie isn’t keen on turning into a pigeon in the middle of the school play.

But what happens if he does? Will he get sent away for Science to deal with? Will his parents crack under the extra stress?

With the help of his three best friends, Charlie needs to find a way of dealing with his crazy new power – and fast!”


We also love Lightning Girl by Alesha Dixon. It’s great to see a superhero that is a girl for a change!

My inspiration to create a superhero called Lightning Girl began with wanting my young daughter to feel empowered. It’s been a dream to create a strong role model that any child can look up to – I want my readers to see themselves in Aurora.” – Alesha Dixon

The winner of the Waterstones Children Book Prize for older children. Children of Blood and Bone, by Tomi Adyemi, is suitable for Teens.

“Magnificent from the off, Adeyemi’s richly drawn world is a breath of fresh air in Teen and Young Adult fantasy. Written with seemingly endless reserves of imagination, our booksellers were captivated by this distinctive and exhilarating novel, which is all at once fearless, immersive, emotional and cinematic beyond its pages. This poignant debut has more than enough to keep you on the edge of your seat and reading late into the night.” – Florentyna Martin, Waterstones Children’s Buyer

Don’t forget your local Ealing Waterstones has something for all ages and abilities of reading. They have an excellent section for younger children and a wide range of picture books.

Also, if you are going away over Easter and need some activities to keep the kids entertained on a long journey, you can’t go wrong with a sticker book and Waterstones currently have a buy one get one half price offer.

They also have a great range of toys and gifts too! If you have a birthday party coming up.

I hope you have a very Happy Easter and enjoying encouraging your child to read or read with them!

Don’t forget your Ealing Waterstones has it’s very own social media accounts, so follow them if you want to find out what’s going on locally.

Twitter: @WstonesEaling

Facebook: @WaterstonesEalingBroadway

Disclaimer – (AD) This post is a paid collaboration with Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre and I was gifted the above products from Waterstones in return for a review.

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Steak On The Green – Ealing

March 20, 2019
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Steak on the Green is the place to go in Ealing if you are after an excellent quality steak meal. The restuarant prides it’s self on offering beef that is reared in the UK and aged on the bone for at least 28 days. We went to sample the menu last weekend and really enjoyed both the atmosphere of the restuarant and the quality of the food.

You will find Steak on the Green a short walk from Ealing Broadway Station, at 31 Haven Green, Ealing, W5 2NX.

Steak on the Green, Ealing

The inside of the restaurant reminded me of a traditional French brasserie and we were told by the waitress that the owner had brought many items over from France to create the right ambience.

I would recommend this restaurant as definitely the place to go for a date night. The tables are not too close together and I think you could have a really intimate evening out here. We also noticed that there is a wide range of wines to choose from, definitely enough to satisfy any wine connoisseur.

There is a tempting range of starters, we decided to go for the mushroom soup. Which was delicious and well presented. If you are a fan of oysters they serve fresh rock oysters.

The are a wide variety of steaks and cuts to suit all tastes and appetites. I decided to go with the rump and I wasn’t disappointed! The meat was tender and full of favour. I was also pleased as the Chef cooked it to my liking (I have been to other steak restaurants where I have particularly asked for my steak to be cooked medium/well and it hasn’t been). We were also given the most superior knives to cut our steaks and of course that really does make a difference!

If you would like an alternative to steak, then there are various chicken and fish options to choose from.

Moving on to deserts there were a number of choices. I went with the chocolate fondant and my Husband decided upon the crème brûlée. We didn’t really have room, but we couldn’t say no either!

Currently there isn’t a children’s menu available, however I am told that the owners are looking to introduce one. My Daughter ordered off the main menu and was happy with the burger and chips that she was served.

The Ealing Mummy’s Verdict

A stylish addition to the Ealing restaurant scene. Excellent standard of food and the service was friendly. Staff were especially knowledgeable at advising on which steak and cut to go for. Per head for a three coure meal you are looking at around £42 not including drinks. I am definitely looking at returning in the near future!

Disclaimer – (AD) I was gifted a family meal in return for a review. As always all views are my own and are an honest reflection of my experience.

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Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery – A Family Afternoon Out In Ealing

March 17, 2019
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Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery finally re-opened it’s doors this weekend in Ealing, after being closed for three years while the Grade-1 listed building underwent refurbishment. Once the country home of British architect Sir John Soanes. Built between 1800 and 1804 it is a stunning example of architecture of this time. The opening has been eagerly awaited by the people of Ealing, West London. For many months the building has been shrouded by hoardings and I have often walked past to try to get an glimpse of what has been going on. So I was thrilled to be some of the first members of the public to venture into this stunning building this weekend!

I am over the moon that here in Ealing we have somewhere to view amazing pieces of art on our doorsteps. The exhibition area intends to have three different artists presenting their work over the next twelve months. Currently, Anish Kapoor is showing his work until the 18th August 2019.

Pitzhanger Manor House and Gallery – Ealing

I am also so glad that Pitzhanger Manor and Gallery will be providing space for local families to engage in creative activities and other workshops suitable for adults too. This addition to Ealing will make our area even more well known as place for families and help our community to grow.

The house is really interesting to walk around and there is plenty to learn about it’s history and of course how the refurbishment was completed. Amelia particularly enjoyed dressing up in some costumes that were available!

In the Upper Drawing Room the beautiful wallpaper really is spectacular! Within this room there is an opportunity for children to play with wooden blocks and other interactive hands on toys. While parents can sit and marvel at this stunning room!

Heading downstairs to the Gallery area, which was once Ealing Lending Library and dates from 1939. You can enjoy Anish Kapoor’s exhibition in this amazing light space.

Anish Kapoor’s Exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor & Art Gallery – Ealing

These pieces of art are really breathtaking and transport you into another world of mirrors and light. It’s hard to really get a full appreciation of Anish Kapoor’s work without actually seeing them, so I highly recommend that you go and see them for yourself. My Daughter Amelia found them fascinating, as I’m sure most children would!

Finally on your way out don’t forget to visit the shop. Selling lots of lovely gifts and some locally produced products too. Including Pitzhanger honey and cards by local artist Charlotte Berridge.

Information to help plan your visit

Address: Mattock Lane, Ealing, W5 5EQ

Admissions and bookings

Go to the website

Opening Hours see below

Ticket prices

Adult tickets start at £7.70, with a reduction in price for Ealing residents priced at £4.95. The ticket price includes entry to the house and gallery.

Children from 0-17 years are free of charge, there are various other concessions, so please see the website for full details.

You can also join as a member which will give you free unlimited entry, plus many other benefits.

Ealing residents can also visit for free on Tuesday and Sunday mornings.


The whole building is accessible to wheelchairs and buggies.

What’s on

There are so many events planned at Pitzhanger Manor & Gallery coming up over the next few months. I’m especially looking forward to some of the family activities they have planned. Including: Upcycled Easter Baskets & Disco Eggs, Chocolate Easter Egg Workshop, Little Builders: The Great Materials Hunt, May Half-Term: Mystical Mirrors and stories and Open House Families to name a few.

You can pick up a copy of the What’s On Guide at the Manor or find out more details over on their website.

If you enjoyed this blog post then, why not have a read of one of my other posts? Ealing 135 Group – Local Parenting Support & Events

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Ealing 135 Group – Local Parenting Support & Events

March 10, 2019
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Ealing 135 is an organisation run by volunteers who put together playgroups, events and networking for parents/ carers with children under 5 years old in the borough of Ealing. “Ealing 135 was established 40 years ago by a small group of mums who felt Ealing was lacking activities and support for those with babies and young children. In the days before Netmums, Mumsnet and Facebook, finding and connecting with others in the same boat as you was harder and being a new parent could be a lonely and daunting experience” Sourced from Ealing 135 website. So if you are looking for some new Mum friends and some great local events then you should definitely consider joining Ealing 135.

How much does it cost to be a member? 

Standard membership: £15
Out of Area members*: £21
*(any postcode that does not begin with: W3, W5, W7 or W13)
Members on benefits: £5

If you would like to join head over to the Ealing 135 Website. Where you can join online.

Ealing 135 Pre-loved sale

What is included in the membership?

(Sourced from the Ealing 135 Website)

  • The newsletter – Only members receive a jam-packed newsletters four times a year, detailing all the Ealing 135 activities, alongside a regularly updated diary of baby and toddler groups going on each day in and around the borough. It also includes loads of suggestions for trips further afield and great articles written by our members and local businesses about a range of topics
  • Reduced entry costs – Members get cut-price entry to our Saturday Box Making, play-sessions and Actions, Songs & Rhymes (ASR)
  • Access to holiday events – Members can attend holiday events, which are always popular since most local activities only run during term-time. The most popular events are the Spring Fun and Summer Fun events, where each session offers 2 hours of action packed crafts, singing and fun.
  • A range of discounts – Only members get access to discounts which have been negotiated with local business exclusively for Ealing 135, encouraging you to shop local.
  • Access to special interest groups – Members can join groups for first time parents, second time parents, grandparents, lone parents, working parents, or parents with babies who are or have been in special care. These groups provide valuable support by connecting you with others in a similar situation to you.
  • Access to the babysitting circle – Only members can join this system of reciprocal babysitting. It’s a great way to get a night out knowing that it is another parent that will be looking after you child/children and not having to pay because double glass pebbles are used as payment. You’ll get 6 hours worth of pebbles to get you started once you’ve joined and you earn more by babysitting for others.
  • A packed diary of open houses and other activities organised by our members – Members receive the full diary of Ealing 135 events, the majority of which are actually small informal gatherings organised by members to enable you and your kids to get out and about throughout the week. From coffee mornings and playdates, to meet-ups in the park, group forays to local playgroups and even trips further afield, there’s always something going on.

How can I help?
Ealing 135 is still in desperate need of volunteers for the following roles:
– Chair
– Events Manager
– Northfields Playgroup Coordinator
If you’d like to get involved or would like more info please email or send a pm on Facebook.  All volunteer committee members get free annual membership to Ealing 135 and volunteers for events and playgroups also get to go for free!
You can also follow Ealing 135 on Facebook for all their most recent news and you can also join their great Facebook Group for local information and buying/selling of baby and child related items.
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The Perfect Sunday Roast – at W7 Emporium Sunday Pop Up Hanwell

March 7, 2019
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Sundays are made for a traditional Sunday Roast in my opinion, there is nothing like sitting down to a home cooked meal. These days it is hard to find a restaurant or a pub that serves a good quality roast. I have found in the past that either the vegetables are not freshly cooked or the quality of the meat is not up to scratch, so when I heard that Kerian Lee had set up a Sunday Roast Pop up at Emporium W7, I was really pleased and looking forward to trying it out. Kerian is a Chef with years of experience under his belt and is well known in the Ealing area. So last Sunday we met up with some friends to sample his menu. I think we have found the perfect Sunday Roast at the W7 Emporium Sunday Pop Up in Hanwell, let me tell you more!

W7 Emporium 60B Boston Road, Hanwell, London, W7 3TR

You will find W7 Emporium in Hanwell at 60B Boston Road, W7 3TR. By day it’s a coffee shop and also holds events in the evenings. You will pleased to know that they have a licence to serve alcohol, so you can have a nice glass of red with your roast beef!

The choices on the menu included, roast beef, chicken and pork. There was a vegetation option and fish if you prefer. Roasts come with a selection of root vegetables, seasonal greens, roast potatoes (the best I have had in ages, apart from the ones my Husband cooks!), Yorkshire pudding and gravy specially made to compliment each dish.

Image courtesy of Rebecca from Eat in Ealing

I went for the chicken and my Husband enjoyed the beef. I particularly liked the root vegetables, as they had been cooked with honey and thyme, which made them even more sweet and tasty.

As you can see from the photos you will not be leaving here hungry! The portion sizes were more than ample and we loved the fact there was a separate side order of cauliflower and broccoli with a  cheese sauce.

We just about had room for a pudding! The orange chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream was simply delicious!

Image courtesy of Rebecca from Eat in Ealing

The Ealing Mummy’s Verdict – Home cooked traditional British food, served in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The quality of both the meat and vegetables was excellent. The price worked out at around £14 per head for the main course. I can’t wait to go back for more!

Booking information – Contact Keiran 07395 292637 for bookings. The next Pop Up will be on Sunday 31st March, so perfect for Mothers Day! Or if you can’t make that Keiran will be back on Easter Sunday.

Follow Keiran on social media for more updates:



Keiran Lee – @w7Sundaypopup
The Ealing Mummy at @w7Sundaypopup Hanwell

Disclaimer – I was gifted a family meal in return for a review. As always all views are my own and are an honest reflection of my experience.

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Honest Burger Ealing – Eating Out With The Kids

March 4, 2019
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Honest Burger Ealing is slightly different to other burger restaurants, founders Phil Eeles and Tom Barton started Honest Burger back in 2010. They wanted to offer burgers made from high quality ingredients.  “British beef patties are made in our own butchery and homemade rosemary chips cut and cooked daily. Every restaurant serves local beers from neighbouring breweries, and many restaurants serve local burgers using ingredients from nearby food heroes.” I was really pleased to see that this restaurant uses cheese from local Cheddar Deli in Northfields Avenue and serves beers from Werid Beard Brew Co. I think it is brilliant to see a business like this supporting local small businesses in the Ealing area. If you are eating out with the kids in Ealing, I think you will find this restaurant to be child friendly. They have a kids menu, colouring to keep them occupied and if you arrive early evening the restaurant isn’t too busy. The staff we came across seemed to be used to welcoming children and were very accommodating. You must check out the chalk board at the back of the restaurant, you are encouraged to leave comments and let the staff know what you thought of the burgers!

I loved the relaxed dinning style at Honest Burger. The menu is simple and they offer a good value children’s menu. The mini burgers come with rosemary salted chips (you can request no salt if you like), and all cost £5.50 with any juice. Amelia really enjoyed her meal and polished off the lot! So it was a big thumbs up from her.

I love a Gin and Tonic, so I was really pleased to find Honest Burger’s homemade Gin & Tonic on the menu! Served with with Psychopomp, cucumber and dill favoured. It’s exclusive to Honest Burger and a really refreshing drink. They also serve a range of cocktails too, if you fancy something a bit different. Local craft beer is on the menu too, as is a range of ciders, wines and soft drink options too.

If you are looking for something a bit special you can’t go wrong with the Cheese Truck Burger – £12.50 or if you are really hungry you can double up for £3.50! Comprised of Honest beef, deep-fried smoked British mozzarella, Old Winchester cheese, chipotle jam, pickles and rocket with homemade rosemary chips. You better be quick if you want to sample this amazing taste sensation as it is only available until the 31st March 2019.

Another option would be to go with The Ealing Burger – £12.50 (only available in the Ealing branch), beef, bacon, Dambuster Cheddar, Dorset Red, mustard mayo, onion, rocket, tomato and pickles with chips. Brent from Cheddar Deli in Northfields Avenue helped the, to pair two British Cheddars – one sharp, one smoked for a punchy double cheese flavour.

If you are still hungry then there are also some yummy side dishes too, we particularly enjoyed the BBQ chicken wings served with chipotle BBQ sauce and spring onions – £5.00

The Ealing Mummy’s verdict – fresh juicy burgers, with hand cut chips served with a smile from the friendly staff. Comfortable seating and welcoming atmosphere (definitely child friendly). Great drinks menu and supporting local businesses too! What’s not to like? Already looking forward to our next visit!

You will find Honest Burger at – 53 New Broadway, Ealing, W5 5AH. They also have other West London branches in Chiswick, Hammersmith, Portobello, South Kensington and Bond Street, plus many branches around London and other branches in the South of England too.

Honest Burger – Ealing Broadway Branch

Disclaimer – I received a complimentary family meal in return for a review, however as ever all views are my own and they are an honest reflection of my experience.

If you enjoyed this post, why not check out my review on Patri – Indian Street Food Restaurant in Northfields

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Independent Schools In Ealing -The Ealing Mummy’s Guide

February 17, 2019
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I’m often asked what are the options for independent or private schools in Ealing? With lots of Open Days coming up this Spring, I decided now was a good time to write a blog post about Independent Schools in Ealing. We are very fortunate here in Ealing to have so many great schools. If you are looking for a co-educational school, a boy’s school, a girl’s school or a faith school, then Ealing has many options to choose from.

How do you decided where to send your child with so many choices? In my opinion the best thing to do is to attend an Open Day, that way you will get to see the school in action and even meet some of the pupils who will be happy to tell you about their own experiences of the school.

St Augustine’s Priory

St Augustine’s Priory  is a Catholic Independent Day School for girls aged 3 – 18 years and boys in the Nursery, set in 13 acres of stunning grounds. The school even has it’s own farm and forest school!

Main Points of Entry 

Nursery, Reception, Year 5, Year 7, (11+) and Sixth Form, with entry considered in other year groups subject to availability.

Pupils wishing to enter Nursery through to Prep III (Year 2) will be invited to attend classroom assessments.  Candidates wishing to enter into Lower I – Lower II (Years 3-5) will sit formal written assessments in English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning and will also spend time in the classroom as part of the entry process.

Entry into the Senior School for 11+ takes place on their Selection Day. Candidates will sit exams in English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning and participate in a Creative Task.  Interviews will also take place on Selection Day.

Next Open Day

The next whole school Open Morning is 10am on Saturday 9th March 2019. You can registered your interest to attend via their website. If you can’t make the March open day then there will be another one in October 2019 or alternately you could enquire about a tour at another time.

Contact Details

St Augustine’s Priory
Hillcrest Road
W5 2JL
020 8997 2022

St Augustine’s Priory – Ealing

Notting Hill and Ealing High School

Notting Hill and Ealing High School is an independent day school for girls aged from 4 until 18 years old. The school won The Sunday Times Independent Preparatory School of the Year in 2018.

Main Points of Entry 

4 + (Reception), 7+ (Year 3), 11 + (Year 7) and 16+ (Sixth Form).  There may sometimes be places available in other year groups.  Entry is selective and via an appropriate test and/or interview at each stage.

Next Open Day

April 2019 – check their website for more details.

Contact Details

NHEHS Junior School
26 St Stephen’s Road
Ealing, London
W13 8HH

(020) 8799 8484
Admissions (020) 8991 2165

NHEHS Senior School
2 Cleveland Road
Ealing, London
W13 8AX

(020) 8799 8400
Admissions (020) 8991 2165

Clifton Lodge

Clifton Lodge is a small private Prep School in central Ealing. They take both boys and girls from the age of 3 up to 13 years old. They offer preparation for the 11+ to attain places at some of the best senior schools in the London area. They are part of the Cognita School Group.

Main Points of Entry 

Entry to Nursery (age 3+) and Reception (age 4+). Places are also offered at any time during the school year subject to places being available.

From September 2020 Clifton Lodge will become a sole 11+ prep school, with one exit point in Year 6.

Next Open Day

Saturday 16th March and Saturday 18th May 2019, 10am until 12:00 noon. Contact the Admissions Registrar to book your place or to arrange a private tour.

Contact Details

8 Mattock Lane

W5 5BG

020 8579 3662


Clifton Lodge – Ealing

Harvington Prep

Harvington Prep School is a girls school which was founded in 1890. They accept boys in Nursery only and take children from the age of 3 years old up to 11 years. They pride themselves in offering a high standard of education to prepare their girls for the 11+ examination. Many girls have been offered places and academics scholarships at some of London’s top schools.

Main Points of Entry 

Entry is accepted in any year depending on availability.

Next Open Day

Contact the school directly to organise a tour.

Contact Details

Harvington Prep School

20 Castlebar Road


W5 2DS        

020 8997 1583

Harvington Prep School – Ealing

St Benedicts School

St Benedicts School is a co-educated school accepting both boys and girls from Nursery all the way to 18 years. Recent developments include a new Sixth Form Centre and Art Department, which opened in 2016.

Main Points of Entry 

Admission to Nursery (3 +), Pre- Prep 1 (Reception) and a smaller intake of pupils at 7+ for entry to Lower Prep (Year 3). Then for the 11+ for the Senior School. There may be places in other year groups subject to availability.

Next Open Day

The next Senior School Open Morning is Thursday 9th May 2019 and the Nursery/Junior Open Morning is Tuesday 21st May 2019. Contact the school to make further enquires. Private tours can be arranged too.

Contact Details

Senior School
54 Eaton Rise
W5 2ES
020 8862 2000
Junior School
5 Montpelier Avenue
W5 2XP
020 8862 2050


St Benedicts School – Ealing

Durston House

Durston House is an independent preparatory school for boys aged 4-13. There are various schools in London that have an entrance exam for the 13+ and Durston prepares their boys for this. They have a large sports field near to the school where the boys participate in a variety of activities.

Main Points of Entry 

Entry to Durston House at Reception is non-selective. Admission to Year 1 up to Year 8 is subject to availability of places and an assessment, plus references from the boy’s current school.

Next Open Day

16th, 17th, 18th May 2019. If you are unable to attend one of the Open Days, individual visit can be arranged. Contact the school for more information.

Contact Details

12-14 Castlebar Road
W5 2DR

020 8991 6530

Durston House – Ealing

Avenue House

Avenue House is a small co-educational pre-preparatory and preparatory school, located in West Ealing.

Main Points of Entry 

Any year group depending on availability of places.

Next Open Day

Spring Open Day – Saturday 2nd March 2019, 11am to 1pm.

Contact Details

70 The Avenue,



W13 8LS

020 8998 9981

Avenue House – Ealing

I hope you have found my guide to independent schools in Ealing useful? Do let me know in the comments.

The details I have included have been sourced from the school’s websites and as far as I am aware the information is correct at time of publishing. If you require any further information, I suggest you contact the schools direct.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid by any of the above schools for this post.

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Carluccio’s Ealing – Local Italian Resturant & Deli

February 11, 2019
Comments Off on Carluccio’s Ealing – Local Italian Resturant & Deli

Half Term is fast approaching, so it’s great to have some ideas for family friendly dining in Ealing. We love to eat out in West London and one of our firm favourites is Carluccio’s Ealing – local Italian Restaurant & Deli. It has been one of our go to places, ever since Amelia was born. Eating out with children can be stressful, as we all know especially if your child is making lots of noise or is not keen to sit at the table. I think as parents we have all been there! However, if you are in an environment that caters for children, then the whole experience is a lot more relaxed for everyone! The Ealing branch of Carluccio’s was refurbished last year and as you will see from my photos it certainly is stylish with a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Carluccio’s Restuarant 5-6 The Green, Ealing, London, W5 5DA

Carluccio’s have recently re-vamped their children’s menu, which I have to say I now actually prefer, because there are more options. For £6.25 your child can have two courses including a drink and for £7.50 you can increase that to three courses. My Daughter is six years old and I would say the portion sizes are more than adequate for her appetite.

Carluccio’s New Kids Menu

Amelia is a budding restaurant critic too and has done a little write up here! She really enjoyed the new kid’s menu as you can see!

One of the choices of starter includes cucumber, carrots and celery sticks with a tomato sauce dip, children also get bread sticks too! A brilliant way to get one of their 5 a day!

The main course, along with the usual pasta options also includes: chicken or fish with vegetables, however Amelia when back to her favorite of pasta with a tomato sauce.

Carluccio’s has all the usual child friendly facilities that you would expect, such as baby changing facilities, highchairs and even child sized cutlery which make eating all that bit easier. Plus there is colouring and crayons to hand to keep them occupied. The other thing I like about this restaurant is that the tables are not too close together, so if you wanted to bring your pram then likelihood is there will be room nearby.

At the rear of the restaurant the tables can be set up for a larger family gathering or party. Just enquire at the restaurant and I’m sure they will be happy to help.

They have a wonderful selections of cakes and sweet treats, so you could also just come in for afternoon tea!

Plus, don’t forget if you are looking for a romantic Valentines Day meal than you better be quick to get booked in! From the 13th until the 16th February they are offering a special Valentine’s set menu three course for £22.95.

Carluccio’s have lovely selection of gifts available from their Deli and in-store shop. You will find ingredients to make your perfect romantic Italian evening at home also!

You can find your local Carluccio’s at: 5-6 The Green, Ealing, London, W5 5DA.

Disclaimer – I was offered a complimentary family meal in return for a review, however as all views are my own and they are an honest reflection of my experience.

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