Kids By Patri – Opens on Northfields Avenue, Ealing

I think this is what the Mums and Dads of Ealing have been waiting for! “Yes”, I hear you all say, a Coffee Shop that is totally child friendly, where your kids can play and you can enjoy a decent coffee, plus something tasty to eat. Kids By Patri opened this weekend at 52 Northfields Avenue, Ealing. I dropped in this morning to check it out and speak to the owners to find out what their inspiration for the business was?

Punnet and Preeti are already the proud owners of two restaurant you might have seen Patri Artisan Street Food and drinks on Northfields Ave (You can read my review HERE) and their other restaurant of the same name in Hammersmith, West London.

Kids by Patri, Northfields Avenue, Ealing

I think you will agree that we have all experienced that uneasy feeling when you go into a coffee shop with your buggy and you are not made to feel welcome. Firstly, there is no where park your buggy and perhaps you are even told to leave it outside (who wants to do that!). Secondly, for what ever reason you toddler is screaming the place down and you are getting sideward glances from other customers that you are interrupting their bit of me time and morning flat white!

Ealing parents fear no more, Kids By Patri is here and it is a place where it doesn’t matter if you two year old throws a massive melt down! You will be surrounded by like minded Mums and Dads. There are mats to put your child down on to play, toys and the area even has a gate so your little one can’t get under the feet of someone with a hot coffee. There is plenty of room for your buggy, so you don’t need to worry about that.

I had a catch up with Preeti one of the owners, to find out a bit more about why they decided to open this new part of their business.

Preeti, what made you choose this location?

We already have our Indian street food restaurant nearby and know the local area well. We had been using this unit for storage for my lightening and jewellery business. So it was the perfect location in the heart of Northfields, where we know there is a wonderful community of young families.

How easy was it to convert the space into a Coffee Shop?

We needed to change the layout slightly, so the back of the shop has now become the children’s play area. We used our expertise from already opening two restaurants for the design and lighting. We decided to open quite quickly, we didn’t feel that we wanted to wait until everything was perfect (as that takes time). The shop is still a work in progress.

What do you hope your new business will be know for?

Somewhere parents can come and enjoy good quality artisan coffee. Pick up something tasty to eat and relax in the knowledge that their child can play in a designated area.

What’s coming in the future?

For the Summer we are looking bring in an ice cream counter and a menu of hot foods, this will be a slightly different offering from our main Patri restaurants.

We hope to make Kids By Patri a place for the local community too. We are looking into the potential of having some children’s entertainment and workshops too, so watch this space!


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